The “How to Cure Obesity” Blog is associated with the following classes:

Fall 2014: Nutrition and Health- 10:55-12:15 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Location: Hickman 101, Cook/Douglas Campus; Professor:  Joseph L. Dixon, Ph.D., 132 Thompson Hall

Background: This course is for the purpose of giving the student a firm foundation in the science of nutrition, and it emphasizes how nutrition influences health and well-being. The students in this class are from different grade levels and have different backgrounds in science. In fact, there are nutrition and biology majors in this class as well as students who have not taken a science course at the college level.


Spring 2014: Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management – Wednesdays 9:15 am – 12:15 pm
Location: 206 Thompson Hall, Cook campus
Course Director: Joseph L. Dixon, Ph.D., 132 Thompson Hall


The study of obesity provides an excellent opportunity to examine a complex problem from a multidisciplinary perspective. In fact, I believe the greatest surprise from this course is that you will find that high rates of obesity in the US have many complicated causes; most of which are not directly related to biology. This course will enable students to see the connections between numerous disciplines and fields, all of which impact the same outcome, obesity. The course will provide a series of state-of-the-art lectures by scientists actively involved in different aspects of research relevant to obesity. These lecture/discussion sessions will enable the students to understand the multi-factorial etiology of the epidemic, as well as the treatment and public policy approaches that are being used in the obesity research community to combat the disease.

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