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Rutgers Students Fight Obesity: Grades are in; Projects to be Promoted to Health Authorities, May 14, 2014

The class is over and all grades have been submitted. The students who took Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management this past spring semester (2014) were a fantastic groups of students: Bright, Passionate, Aware, and Excellent Writers! I was so lucky to have this particular group in my class. Most were seniors. Four or five are …

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Rutgers Students Fight Obesity: Projects from Our Class: Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management, April 26, 2014

During this spring semester (2014) the students from the class worked on group projects that were for the purpose of designing a program that would fight obesity in the US. The Projects were presented in class and each one contained fantastic ideas and realistic strategies that would certainly be helpful in the fight against obesity …

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