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Causes of the Obesity Epidemic in the United States; A Post by Joseph Dixon, April 12, 2014

After teaching/directing Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management for two semesters, I have attained an appreciation of the complexity of obesity and its causes and its effects on individuals and the population in general. Having taught Nutrition and Health for close to 25 years, I had a basic understanding of obesity, but I never went into …

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Is lower ability to burn fatty acids in muscle a contributor to adult obesity? A Lecture presented by Dr. Greg Henderson

Gregory C. Henderson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Exercise Science & Sport Studies School of Art and Sciences Rutgers University Dr. Henderson’s research is focused upon effects of exercise on macronutrient metabolism in humans. Differences between men and women, and effects of aging are of central interest. Dr. Henderson’s approach is to administer non-radioactive …

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