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Rutgers Students Fight Obesity: Projects from Our Class: Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management, April 26, 2014

During this spring semester (2014) the students from the class worked on group projects that were for the purpose of designing a program that would fight obesity in the US. The Projects were presented in class and each one contained fantastic ideas and realistic strategies that would certainly be helpful in the fight against obesity …

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The CDC Data Trove: Associations between Inactivity, Obesity, and the Diagnosis for Type 2 Diabetes, Posted by J. Dixon, March 18, 2014

During her lecture, Dr. Yanhong Jin presented data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concerning inactivity throughout the United States. The CDC data are remarkable, and one can easily go to the CDC website in order to view PowerPoints that show the year by year increases in inactivity, as well as the increases in …

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“How to Fix the Obesity Crisis” by David H. Freedman

David Freedman wrote the above article that was published in Scientific American, 304: 40-47, 2011 (February issue). The first part is quoted below, but you can find the entire article on the class Sakai site. Please read it for class on January 29, 2014. You can make comments on the article here! “Modern epidemic: For …

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