“How to Fix the Obesity Crisis” by David H. Freedman

David Freedman wrote the above article that was published in Scientific American, 304: 40-47, 2011 (February issue). The first part is quoted below, but you can find the entire article on the class Sakai site. Please read it for class on January 29, 2014. You can make comments on the article here!

Modern epidemic: For millennia, not getting enough food was a widespread problem. Nowadays obesity is a global burden that affects one third of Americans. Another third are overweight.
Obesity is complex: Researchers have developed key insights into its metabolic, genetic and neurological causes. But this work has not amounted to a solution to the public health crisis.
Behavior focus: Using techniques that have proved effective in treating autism, stuttering and alcoholism may be the most valuable for either losing weight or preventing weight gain.
Next steps: Behavior studies show that recording calories, exercise and weight; adopting modest goals; and joining a support group increase the chances of success.”

What I especially liked about this article is that the author discussed obesity on the level of the individual and discussed obesity across the population. They are two vastly different situations and he does an excellent jobs on both levels.

Please go to Scientific American or the Sakai Website to read the whole article.

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