The Seeds of Obesity are Sown in Young Children

One reason the obesity epidemic is a complex problem is that it has different causes at different stages of life, but a major root cause starts at a young age:

For young children – It is so easy for parents and caregivers to allow children to watch TV or play computer games rather than to take them out to the local park for play, exercise, and fresh air.

For older children – They learned that it was OK to sit for long periods of time at the computer, and therefore, they stay inside rather than venture outside to be with friends. Also, because both parents need to work, older children are unable to help prepare the family meal, such as wash the green beans or mash the potatoes. Therefore, they do not learn how to cook basic, nutritious foods.

For college students and young adults – When living on their own for the first time, they still lack basic cooking skills, and they never learned the essentials of good nutrition, either in school or from helping Mom or Dad to cook at home.

For those starting careers – Working long hours allows little time for shopping at supermarkets and preparing nutritious meals at home after work. Therefore, it is much easier to purchase convenience foods from the corner store or stop at a fast food restaurant.

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