Class 2 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – January 22nd – Chapter 1 in McGuire; Results of Class Survey

Class 1 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – January 19th – Introduction to Class

Class 28 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Dec 10th – Review Class for Final Exam

Class 27 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Dec 8 – Chapter 14 Nutritional Requirements in pregnancy and Infants

Class 26 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Dec 3 – The “Obesity Explosion” book; Lecture on Eating Disorders

I had this for dinner last night and for lunch today:

Pasta e Fagioli

The Obesity Explosion Book:

What is the meteor that is targeting the earth?

Class 25 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Dec 1 – Going Over Diets, this Semester’s Diet Assignment, and Vitamin Supplements

Class 24 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Nov 24th- Chapters 12 & 13 in McGuire – Major and Trace Minerals and the Beginning of Life

The remaining 5 Lectures will proceed in the following way:

Tuesday 11-24 – Chapters 12 and 13 – Minerals Lecture – Major and Trace – there could be a whole semester class on minerals – but I will cover the basics in one lecture.  It will be exciting and earth shattering as usual!

After Thanksgiving:

Tuesday 12-1 – Lecture on Diet Assignment & Vitamin supplements – All assignment grades will be in Grade Book by Monday, 11-30 – Have you Diet Assignments available so you can ask questions.  Ask about vitamins and supplements!

Thursday 12-3 – Obesity Explosion Discussion – Are there additional topics needed for the second edition?  Possibly discuss Eating Disorders here!

Tuesday 12-8 – Life Cycle Nutrition Lecture – Nutrition & Breast Feeding – Human milk – Guest Lecture by Marijke Rittmann, RD.

Thursday 12-10 – Review for Final Exam – Not cumulative – so only water and fat soluble vitamins; minerals, diet assignment, Obesity Explosion, and Life Cycle Nutrition questions are covered – in the past students did very well on this exam even before the open book format was used.

Tuesday 12-15255 Final Exam will be on Canvas at 12:00 Noon (given at 3 times as for the first two exams –times to be announced)

Class 23 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Nov 19th- Chapter 11 in McGuire – Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamins D, K, and E

Some observations from Dermatologists – No Matter What – Get advice from your Dermatologist before you use topical retinoids! Do not use if you plan to become Pregnant! Remember, I call Retinoids the most Powerful Molecules in the Universe!

Class 22 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Nov 17th- Chapter 11 in McGuire – Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamins A and D

Monday Morning Update – November 16, 2020 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020

Monday Morning Update – Nov 16th 2020

I hope you are all doing well!   The Covid crisis is getting worse – thank goodness Rutgers elected for on-line courses for most classes.

In our class we had Exam 2 last week and the grades in general were quite good.  If you had a problem and could not take the exam, or you had something go wrong during the exam, please email me the next day or two. 

Last Thursday I finished the Water Soluble Vitamins.  On Tuesday (tomorrow) I will Start Fat Soluble Vitamins – Chapter 11 – my favorite area in the course.   

Tomorrow there will be a Poll put on Canvas asking you how you are doing in class and in life in general.  There are 8 questions and it is worth 8 quiz points!   All answers are accepted but you need to take the poll to get points.   It will be anonymous!  But if you have reservations about it you can email Nick (before the end of the quiz) and he will give you the points.  It will be due next Monday at 4 pm. 

The Exercise assignment is due on Thursday, 11-19.  The drop box will remain open after Thursday but you will lose a point or two for being late. 

The updated Schedule of Classes is below.  Please look through it!

Joe Dixon