Class 17 of Fall 2018 – Chapter 8 – Energy Balance and Weight Regulation

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Brussels Sprouts / Kale Salad – Eat this 3 times a week and you will lose weight!

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Great Article – How they Measure Metabolism at the NIH:


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Class 16 of Fall 2018 – Exam 2

Questions from Students for Exam 2

Dear A,

Thanks for the questions!

I had a couple questions as I was looking over the review packet for the upcoming exam.
1. Does too much protein kill you? It seems that the answer is no, but I am still unsure.
Answer: One can eat a great deal of protein at one time as done by my cousin Billy and Molly Schuyler. But you don’t want to do this on a routine basis – want to balance your Kcal whenever possible.

2. What is the Chemical score for protein?
Answer: It is the mg of the lowest essential amino acid per gram test protein/mg of the this amino acid per gram egg protein – comparing an essential amino to the amount in egg protein. It is expressed as a percent.

3. What are the lipid levels we need to know? this question was associated with the heart attack information. Answer: You really don’t need to know any lipid levels – at least any numeric values.

Joe Dixon

Class 15 of Fall 2018 – Chapter 7 – Finish Metabolism – Questions for Exam 2

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As a Matter of Fact, a Recent Study has Confirmed Most of the Above Except for the High Fasting Blood Triglycerides. Most Certainly, Post-Prandial Triglycerides were Increased. However, Fasting Free Fatty acids doubled on the “Keto” diet – an Observation that is very Interesting!  Note: All the Subjects had Healthy BMIs!

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Class 14 of Fall 2018 – Chapter 7 – Metabolism – What Happens to the Macronutrients Inside Cells

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What we have done so far – Get the Macronutrients to the Different Tissues:

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Class 13 of Fall 2018 – Really Finish Chapter 6 – Lipids

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Review Dietary Lipid Absorption and Endogenous Lipid Transport:




Class 12 of Fall 2018 – Complete Chapter 6 – Lipids

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Update on Canola Oil:

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Continual Plant Breeding in Canada has Improved Canola Oil:

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Class 11 of Fall 2018 – Start Chapter 6 – Lipids

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Class 10 of Fall 2018 – Finish Chapter 5 – Protein and Amino Acids

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Do Athletes Need More Dietary Protein?


This was a 8 week study!

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No change in Exercise Performance:

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How Much Protein Can Kill You?

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Class 9 – Exam 1

Exam 1 is on The Foundations of Nutrition, Atwater Numbers, DSHEA, Energy, Digestion, Carbohydrates, and a little bit on Protein