Class 22 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 10th – Chapter 11 – Finish Fat Soluble Vitamins and Review all Vitamins

April 10th – There is a Live On-line lecture today at 12:35 pm in Sakai Meetings. We are going to finish the fat-soluble vitamins today and review all of vitamins today.

Next class we will start the Major Minerals – so start reading Chapter 12 in the Textbook.

Today, I put the grades for Test 2 on Sakai.  If there are problems with your grade please email at

I hope to have all the Quiz grades on Sakai by today, too.  Remember, you get to drop 3 quizzes.

I will put 2 vitamin quizzes on TopHat this weekend – stay tuned!

A Question about the Exercise Assignment – April 7th Blog – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Here are some good questions (in one email) about the Exercise Assignment:

Questions on April 7, 2020

Good evening Dr. Dixon,  This is __________again from your Nutrition class.
This time I have a couple of questions about the exercise assignment!
For the NEAT activities calculations in the powerpoint questions are we just supposed to use the kcal/hour burned by walking and gardening?
And for the third question regarding how the calculated TEE in this assignment compares to the one from the dietary assignment, is there a number that we are supposed to get from And if so, where is it located? I am having trouble finding it.
Thank you so much!    Best Regards,
Answer: Good questions!  Thanks for your email!  Yes, use walking for walking, and gardening for basic roaming type tasks like cleaning, doing dishes, gardening, taking a shower, etc.  I think most of us get at least 3 hours of NEAT per day.
The TEE you calculate will be pretty close to the right value if you pick the correct level of activity.  You cannot compare it to anything because the value in is wrong.  We really need a better program but this is the one available to us that is free.
Hope this helps!  Joe Dixon

Tuesday Blog – Update on Class and Exam 2 – April 7th – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Update on Class, Exam 2, and Assignments

I will be uploading grades to the Sakai Grade book today and tomorrow.  The grades in Sakai are the official grades.  If there are any problems – please email me at

Exam 2 – I just downloaded from TopHat the grades from Exam 2 – The mean was 92% and 285 students have taken Exam 2 with 16 still needing to take it. I am really amazed how many took the exam and the grades are very good!  I have received emails from students who are ill, working overtime, and with Internet problems.  There are some students who are now back home in their own countries – including China and Korea!  When you think about it, this is an amazing time, and all of you need to be commended for doing your best to keep up and for staying in contact.   Therefore, I will open Exam 2 back up again and I hope students who have not done so can take the exam when they are ready to do so.

Quizzes – There are still many people who have not yet completed the quizzes for Exam 2 – Lipid Quiz 1, 2, 3; Metabolism Quiz 1 and 2; and Energy Balance Quiz.    When you can, try to take them so you get the quiz points.  They are still open right now.


Assignments – Please go to the Blog Site to see comments about these assignments!

Diet Assignment  – 242 have uploaded their Diet assignment – I have heard that there were some problems uploading it.  Please get your diet assignment in when you can.  It seems like this assignment will take a long time, but actually, it can be done in 2-4 hours.  But I realize many of you are not in the best place (either physically or composure) to complete such an assignment.

Exercise Assignment-  19 have uploaded it!  There are some questions from students about this assignments coming in now.  This assignment does 3 things:  1) Allows you to calculate your daily Total Energy Expenditure, 2) gives insight into how much time is takes to burn Calories; and 3) Give insights into NEAT and how important it is.

Don’t forget the Live lecture today at 12:35 pm!



Class 21 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 7th – Chapter 11 – Start Fat Soluble Vitamins

Last time we did the water soluble vitamins.  Today we will start Chapter 11 – the Fat Soluble Vitamins.  In general, the Fat Soluble vitamins are more complex and harder to learn about.  Please read the Chapter and tune into the live Lecture tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:35. The Lecture will be recorded but will not be available until the next day.

There will be a Quiz for the Water Soluble vitamins put on TopHat tomorrow morning (April 7th)!


Monday Blog during the Pandemic – April 6th – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

By now, Monday, April 6th, most of you should have finished Exam 2 and the Quizzes.  Also, most of you should have submitted the Diet Assignment.  If you have trouble getting Internet or if you are working nonstop, get your assignments in when you can.  I realize there is a great deal of suffering out there.  I do not want to add to it.  But for many of you we need to go on so that we can get the course in.

Here are some important Points:

  1.  Use the Course Blog as an Epicenter for the Course.  Especially read through the questions that students submit.

2.  If you have to email me, email me at:   Your emails get lost in my Rutgers email.  As some students can attest to, sometimes I email you back in minutes using the gmail account.

3.  Tomorrow there will be another live lecture at during regular class time at 12:35 pm.  Go to the meetings tool in Sakai.


Exercise Assignment:

Now you should be working on the Exercise Assignment.  Some students tell me they do the Exercise Assignment in less than 2 hours.  The Exercise Assignment is fun and informative.

On page 1 – You calculate your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).  This is the total amount of Calories you burn each day.  The number calculated by is wrong!!!!  It is not your total energy expenditure.

There is a common error that students make in this assignment.  It is illustrated by the emails below and the figure underneath them.  Also, take note of a problem in Question #3.

Questions on April 6th, 2020
Sun 4/5/2020 1:14 PM.   Hello Professor Dixon,   I had two quick question regarding the exercise project that was assigned. …..As well as, when subtracting the energy expenditures from the BMR, are we suppose to subtract the energy expenditure value from the BMR each time. For instance, for biking the energy expenditure is  345 Kcal/hour so would I do 1167( my BMR)- 345 to get my actual kcal burned and then to calculate for another activity would I also do for instance swimming is 331 kcal/hour, so 1167- 331 and I would use the 1167 and not the answer that I got from the previous activity?  Thank you so much for your help,
Answer: Hi, The number you used at the top of the 2nd page is wrong – it should be 49 Kcal per hour – everything is per hour!! You used the per day BMR! See Figure below!
When you subtract this from the activities Kcal per hour, you should get just a little lower number.  You subtracted the energy expenditures from the BMR? Does that sound right to you?
Where did you get 641 Kcal from?   Your time calculations look ok but make sure you use the correct number in the denominator.  Joe Dixon
Hi Professor Dixon, Oh I completely understand the mistake I made. Thank you, for letting me know. Also, the 641 was for an activity I was going to use but then changed. I forgot to change it on my sheet. Also, for the part 3 questions, for number 3, what is the Eatracker program that you are referring to?   Thank you,
Answer: Hi again. The Eatracker program mentioned in question 3 of the Exercise Assignment was the program we used last semester that was discontinued in December.  The total number of Kcal calculated from is wrong!  So there is nothing to compare it to. The value for total energy expenditure (TEE) you calculated on the first page is a pretty good value! Joe Dixon

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 8.57.26 PM



Sunday Morning Blog during the Pandemic – April 5th – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Dear Everyone:   I hope you are safe and healthy at this very turbulent time.  I want you to know that there is a group of students in the class who are health care professions who are working hard to keep us healthy and safe. Some of them are EMTs. My thanks go out to each and every one of them.  Some of them have emailed me and stated that they will be working non-stop until things get better.  If this is the case, do not worry about assignment due dates.  I will work with you to make sure you are get everything together for the course.


Some Updates:

The Diet Assignment due date was not changed until this morning.  I did try to change it yesterday but something went wrong.  I hope now it is open so you can submit your diet assignments.

When you take Exam 2 as a Homework, you do not need to submit the whole exam at the end.  You just need to submit the individual questions.

Please don’t forget about quizzes that were put on TopHat last weekend.  They are easy and only should take a few minutes to complete.

Some of you have already submitted the Exercise Assignment.  Please try to do this this week and submit it.

If you can get out and take a walk today!  Get some NEAT!


Important Exam 2 Update – April 3rd Blog – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Exam 2 is now available in Homework Mode on TopHat!!

Update:  You just need to submit each question; there is no additional submit Exam/Homework command in the Homework version of Exam 2.


Exam 2 is now available in Homework mode on TopHat. You can now take the exam whenever you wish to – even at 3 am if you want to. You cannot get locked out in this mode. So far 120 students have taken Exam 2.   If you took the exam on Tuesday and you went off quickly because you realized late that you didn’t need to take it on Tuesday and were not ready, or if the Internet gave out on you, you can retake the Exam in Homework mode. If you had Internet problems while you were taking Exam 2 on Wednesday, you can take Exam 2 again in Homework mode. YOU have to SELFTIME for 80 minutes! I will be able to see when you start and stop Exam 2 in Homework mode. So if you go past 85 minutes, I will assess a penalty on you. Unless you have special permission (some health care workers have this) you need to complete the exam by 11 pm on Monday night (April 6th). Good luck!



More Questions – April 2nd Blog – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Diet Assignment is now due on Monday, April 6th, at 10 pm!

Comments on the Diet Assignment:

The diet assignment has been given to over 2,000 students since Spring 2017 and to maybe 8,000 students over 25 years. The questions in the word document have been pretty much the same over those years. The best results come when you choose a usual day like most days and make sure to put down all the foods you ate. Don’t pick a day where you were too busy to do the diary right. Then you find the foods in the data base and put in the correct amounts. When you get your results look at them and think about them. Then do the questions. Don’t try to rush through. Think about everything – macros, fiber, saturated fat, vitamins, and minerals! If you are unsure of anything, look it up in the text or on line. You can do it!



Questions on April 2, 2020

Exercise Assignment:

Hello!   I have a question about the Exercise Assignment, question 1 on the powerpoint questions slide. It asks for the average Kcal/hour burned during NEAT activities. How are we supposed to calculate this number? I cannot find a value for this on any slides. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Answer: I would pick walking as your best approximate value.  Or, if you spend all day cleaning – find this on the Internet. Make sure you base it on your weight and sex.  Did you see the Table from the Textbook that I included?
Hint:   If you do structured exercise 3hr per a week: That is 3 hr.
Neat Exercise – add it up – it might be 2 hr per day = 2 7 = 14 hours; or 5 hours per day = 5*7= 35 hours per week. Don’t tell me you only do 4 hours NEAT per week because you need to add up all the hours you are doing regular activities at home. Joe Dixon
Follow-up comment: Yes I did see the table! I think I was confused as to what category to use, so I will use walking and maybe factor in cleaning. Thank you for your help!
Follow-up Answer: Great!!!!   Thanks for the question – many have this question!  Joe Dixon


Questions about Diet Assignment on April 2, 2020


Dr. Dixon, For breakfast I had a whole wheat everything bagel, however the program does not have   this specific. How should I go about it?   Best,
Answer: You need to find something similar and put it in – how much did it weigh? Go on websites and try to get something similar and then find it.  You have to try something.  Joe Dixon
Hi Professor Dixon!   I hope you are doing well! I am slightly confused about one of the results for my food analysis. For fluoride, it says by % DV is 0% but in the amount column, it says I had consumed 4.8 mg. I am confused about how this could be possible because the RDA for fluoride is around 3 mg/day when I searched it up? I attached a screenshot of it below. Thank you,
Answer: Please read the directions – go to Diet – What to hand in S2020 – it mentions fluoride!  Joe Dixon
Hi Professor Dixon,    I was wondering if copper counts as a mineral. When I looked online I only got responses that it is a metal/element found in minerals. Thank you.
Yes!  It is a mineral in the nutrition way of thinking.  Please look up in the textbook.  Choline is not a vitamin or mineral!  Don’t pick it.   Joe Dixon
Hi professor Dixon!!    I hope all is well! My name is ­­­­­_____________, I’m in your nutrition and health class. I’ve been having a few issues with the dietary assignment and checked the blog if maybe someone else had asked about it but I couldn’t find any, therefore I decided to email you.
I was able to calculate the Kcal from the Carbs, Protein, and fat but when I went to calculate the percentage from each and added them together I didn’t end up getting 100%. I’m not sure if that’s an issue or if I could just leave as it is. This is a screenshot of my calculations. Thank you very much!!
Answer: I said many times – just use the Kcal from fat, carbs, and protein!!!   You are only off by a little bit!  Why are you so worried about this?  Please finish the whole assignment and answer the questions the best you can.  Look at your whole diet!!    Do not miss sight of the forest for a few trees.  Be contemplative.  What could you do better.  Look at fiber intake etc.,etc.,etc…..    Joe Dixon

April 2nd Blog – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – Update

Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 2nd Blog

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Blog Site is the Epicenter of the On-Line Course. Please go there to keep track of what is going on.


About 120 out of 300 students have taken Exam 2. Look on the Blog for the next 2 Exam 2 times.

There is a regular Class Lecture tomorrow, April 3rd, at the normal class time: 12:35 pm.  Go to Sakai Meetings to join the Live lecture.

The Diet Assignments are due tomorrow (Friday, April 3rd) at 5 pm.

Class 20 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 3rd – Chapter 10 – Start Water Soluble Vitamins

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 4.39.54 PM

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 4.43.49 PM