Class 9 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 16th – Finish Chapter 5 McGuire Text – Protein and Amino Acids – Protein RDA

Class 8 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 12th – Finish Type 2 Diabetes – Start Chapter 5 McGuire Text – Protein and Amino Acids

Class 7 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 9th – Finish Chapter 4 McGuire Text – Carbohydrates – Fiber, glucose Absorption, and Type 2 Diabetes

Class 6 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 5th – Start Chapter 4 McGuire Text – Carbohydrates

Class 5 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 2nd – Chapter 3 (2nd Half) of McGuire Text – Digestion; Start Chapter 4 – Carbohydrates

Question from a Student about Quizzes:

Question:  Hi Professor Dixons, I hope you are doing well. I am emailing in regards to the lecture quizzes (specifically the DRI quiz). I was looking at the syllabus; and in regards to lecture quizzes it says 12/14 need to be completed; and if we forget about 1 or 2 we would not be penalized (our grade would not be affected).  I know that the DRI quiz was just our first one and there is still plenty more to take, but I did not do as well as I should have because I misread a questions (always gotta watch out for those!) anyways, considering if you do miss 1 or 2 lecture quizzes (meaning technically you get a grade of 0 on it) and are not penalized for that; is it possible where if one takes 14 out of 14 quizzes, the 2 lowest scores get dropped? I’m really hoping this first one was my lowest score!

Answer:  This is a great question. Since the class is on-line and many people tend to fall behind on-line (miss a couple of lectures) and then catch up, the weekly Lecture Material Quizzes are set up so that you have to accumulate 60 points. There are about 14 quizzes at about 5 points each, so that if you take all the quizzes and get them all correct, you would get 14 x 5 = 70 points. But I also include points for polls taken, and some quizzes are 7 points each, so in reality the total number of possible points is even higher than 70 points. Therefore, if you try all the quizzes and do poorly on a few, you will still most likely accumulate more than 60 points. The Lecture Material Quizzes are for the purpose of keeping students current on the Lectures. Since I instituted these little silly quizzes, grades have increased significantly. So I think they are doing their job even though altogether they are worth only 10% of the total class points. At the end of the semester I tally all the quiz points and if you have accumulated 60 points, you get the full amount in that category.

We discussed the 3 Types of Quizzes Today:

Class 4 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Jan 29th – Chapter 3 of McGuire Text – DSHEA and What is Energy?

In Class 4 we went over the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which I call the elephant in the Room! Much of nutrition and health is influenced by this law that was passed by Congress in 1994. DSHEA extended the term dietary supplement from known vitamins and minerals to include any kind of herb or diet reagent. DSHEA dictates that Manufacturers do not have to demonstrate their products safe. Conversely, the FDA has to prove products are unsafe. One outcome of this law is that Americans spend tens of billions of dollars each year on worthless supplements. Therefore, dangerous supplements, such as DiNitroPhenol (DNP), are still available through Internet purchase. We also started the first half of Chapter 3, which focuses on energy.

Class 3 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Jan 26th – Chapter 2 of McGuire Text – The DRIs

In Class 3 we went over the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) presented in Chapter 2 of McGuire. They are the not the most exciting aspect of Nutrition, but in way they are a continuation of Foundation 1 of Nutrition – the discovery of the vitamins and nutrients. They represent over 100 years of work in laboratories throughout the world. Without knowing how much of a specific nutrient is required in the human diet per day, we can’t discuss healthy diets or what the best diet is. We will not get to vitamins or minerals until the third part of the course, but you will need to know what the DRIs are for the lectures on proteins and lipids. Also, they are important when we do the Diet assignment, which comes fairly early in the class.

What do I see when I look out into my usual Classroom? See the article here:

Class 2 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – January 22nd – Chapter 1 in McGuire; Results of Class Survey

Class 1 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – January 19th – Introduction to Class

Class 28 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Dec 10th – Review Class for Final Exam