Rutgers Students Fight Obesity: Grades are in; Projects to be Promoted to Health Authorities, May 14, 2014

The class is over and all grades have been submitted. The students who took Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management this past spring semester (2014) were a fantastic groups of students: Bright, Passionate, Aware, and Excellent Writers! I was so lucky to have this particular group in my class. Most were seniors. Four or five are on their way to their Dietetic Internships; Several are Community Nutritionists: Several are Exercise Science Majors; and a few are not affiliated with Nutrition, but may go on to be in other areas of Heath Care.

Time to Promote Projects to Health Authorities

The semester long class projects (See below) were all fantastic ideas and very practical!   The “Planting the Cure” project would teach kids to grow vegetables and learn about biology. The “Building a Foundation” project should be presented to local hospitals, which the group investigated and found that this program is not currently available. The three “In the Home” projects: “FitKids,” “Physical Activity to Curb Obesity,” and “4 together Keeps Us Better,” are all practical projects. I counseled the “Physical Activity to Curb Obesity” group to commercialize their idea! The two “In the Workplace” projects (“Workplace Wellness” and “P.O.W.E.R.”) were both excellently designed, and again, I counseled these groups to develop companies that would provide these programs to real companies in the US. And finally, the “Lose It to Gain” program is a great idea for Rutgers to provide an over arching health and wellness program for Rutgers students.

As a teacher I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting and thought provoking class. I also wish to thank all of the Rutgers professors who participated in the class this semester. You can see posts on their lectures by viewing earlier posts in this blog.

Good luck to our senior students – they have navigated an excellent but tough University!

Obesity Projects in 2014



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