A Moment in Time; Were Americans that Thin in 1969? A Post by Joseph Dixon, April 8, 2014

If any of you wish to remember how thin people were back in 1969, or if you are too young and wish to see this for the first time, please look at the movie “Woodstock” on YouTube (turn down the sound if you do not like rock & roll!; also, don’t look if you are upset by nudity, even if it is for science!).  You will be absolutely amazed how thin teenagers and young adults were back then. Of course, you will see some heavy people, too (but very few), as there have been heavy people in most generations (probably because it is an evolutionary survival mechanism).  The following are collages of screen shots taken from the Movie, “Woodstock.”  But to get the full effect, you must go look at the movie to see how thin people were in 1969!

Woodstock 1969 Slide 1Woodstock 1969 Slide 2

Woodstock 1969 Slide 3

Woodstock 1969 Slide 4

Woodstock 1969 Slide 5

As someone who was very heavy as a child, I was happy to find this shot of me in college. The photograph below shows me with my roommates in our senior year (1976) of college at SUNY-Binghamton. We are outside of our house reenacting a famous album cover. I am the first in line and I was thin through the last portion of high school and all through college because I changed my eating habits and became very active, including backpacking throughout the entire western US when I was just nineteen years old.

JLD SUNY Binhamton 1976

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