What Part of Genius and Partnership is Required Reading

This year I have assigned a book I wrote as required reading.  But I am only requiring that you read Part II. Cholesterol: What is it?  One of the reasons I wrote this book was to explain what this mysterious molecule (cholesterol) is and how it is important in the body.  I could have written an entire book on cholesterol, but I don’t think many people would have read it!   If you get a chance, please read the whole book. It is about Ancel and Margaret Keys.  I wrote the book because there are some very untrue accusations about Ancel Keys on the Internet and in some recent books. I can assure you they are totally false, and in fact, Ancel Keys was a great scientist and American.

Note:  The Genius and Partnership book can be found as a pdf on the Sakai website!

Cover Screen shot 2015-06-06

Part I Ancels Keys Contents

Ancel Keys Part II Contents w message

Part III Ancel Keys Contents

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