Questions Concerning the Dietary Assignment, September 23, 2015

I received these great questions concerning the dietary assignment.  The answers are below.

Hello Professor! I am just working on the Dietary Assignment and I had a couple of questions:
1) So when you say something needs to be “on one side of one page,” you mean that you want it to be a single sheet of paper, one sided? I am confused because I thought you meant that on one side you wanted for an example, the excel sheet and on the other side you want something else such as the nutritional report which would total to be one page since it is double sided
2) Additionally to confirm, you want a meal summary report, a nutrient report, a hand written food activity record and the typed questions? And all this should be on its own sheet of paper, only front sided?
3) Lastly, for the hand written food activity record, it will contain the same meals as the ones entered on into the website, correct?
Sorry for all these confusing questions, just wanted to clarify! Hope you have a great week and I will see you Friday. Looking forward to your Mediterranean salad give-away.”


Hi! These are great questions.  Your #2 below is absolutely correct – you just need those 4 things for the assignment.
The only item that specifically needs to be on one side of one sheet is the Nutrients report. Most people have no trouble with this.  In some cases people have taped the nutrient report on one side and that is OK.  If the paper is a little big you can fold over the paper. The reason for having it on one side is that it makes it much easier for us to grade.  Also, it is easier for you to get the whole picture concerning your dietary intake.  Make sure every nutrient is printed out!
The hand written diet record should match the meal summary sheet.  It is a little difficult to input the data for every single item and you have to make sure something you wrote down made it into the program.  After all, you want to get a correct picture of your diet! So check you meal summery sheet with the diary.  If you forgot something go back and edit the input.

Thanks for your questions!     Joe Dixon

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