Metabolism, ATP, and Questions Questions Questions for Exam 2 – Class 15 – March 7, 2017

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Rosalind Franklin Slide 2

Go to this Site to see the short video:

An interesting comment to this video: Richard Franklin As her nephew and knew her as a very young child let me add a couple of comments.

It is true that Watson did not “steal” Photo 51. Rosalind did not get on well with her collaborator Maurice Wilkins. He showed Photo 51,to Watson without her knowing and that was unforgivable. If you read Watson’s book he makes it very clear that the minute he saw the photo he was able to put together his data with hers and make a huge leap forward.
Photo 51 was taken on a X Ray machine substantially modified by Rosalind. It was a 100 hour exposure and was done in collaboration with her assistant Raymond Gosling.
It is true the Nobel is not given posthumously and she had been dead some four years when it was awarded.
Watson, Wlkins and Crick did bury her contribution and gave her virtually no attribution and Watson famously was very dismissive about her in his book and has justly suffered criticism for that ever since.

There is a view that she might well have also won a Nobel separately for her work on Viruses.

There is no doubt that her contribution to DNA was huge and that she was treated very badly by her male colleagues. The good news is that during their lifetime their behaviour was exposed and her reputation is not only secure but grows all the time. My family has no complaints.

I went with my five siblings to London in 2015 to see Nicole Kidman play her on the London stage in a play called Photo 51. A major movie is also coming out on the discovery.


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