First Class of Fall 2017 – Nutrition and Health – What is it? – Sept 5, 2017

Welcome to the Fall 2017 Nutrition and Health 255 Class!

Synopsis of the Course


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What is on Tap for Today?

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Interesting Questions from a Student Regarding the Textbook:

Dear Professor Dixon,

I see that in the syllabus it says, “I prefer you have the third edition, although the second edition is fairly similar. This semester I will only make reference to pages in the 3rd edition.”  Can I ask you what exactly about the 3rd edition makes it preferable to the 2nd?  I would like to purchase a copy of the 2nd edition from a friend, because I would like to have a hard copy (actually she initially mistakenly told me it was the 2nd edition) but I am concerned I will be at a disadvantage.  Can one get an A in this class using the 2nd edition, or is there information lacking in the 2nd edition which we will be expected to know?  Thank you,

My Answer:   Hi,  The second edition is fairly similar to the 3rd edition – some of the typos were corrected and some of the values for nutrient levels were updated/changed – all of these are on the Internet though.

I would say that the second edition gives you the background that the 3rd edition does.  Getting an A depends on many factors – attending class is one of the most important ones.
The page numbers are different, and you just have to make sure you read the correct chapter or section in the book. For the level of this course – the second edition is sufficient.
Joe Dixon
Follow-up Question:

Dear Professor Dixon,  Thanks for your response. Based on your example, for instance – would we be responsible for knowing nutrient levels, and how would I know that the levels to know are not the ones given in the 2nd edition? Would I be in the situation of learning incorrect information from the 2nd edition without realizing it?

I certainly realize that an A is dependent on many factors; I have no intention of reading the textbook without coming to lecture.  When we are assigned reading, will we be told the topics, not only the page numbers? Thank you,

My Answer:

Thank you for your great questions! I plan to put them on the website as I’m sure many students in class have the exact same questions. I will not post your name. Hope this is OK with you.

There are very few nutrient requirements or levels that you have to know.  Most are on the Internet and available at the touch of a button.  When I do want you to know a numeric value, I will make this absolutely clear, and it will also appear in the exam study sheets.  Also, I will make reference to in class any values in the second edition that may have been updated in the third edition.  Reading assignments are given as topics as seen in the chapter titles, and also as chapter numbers as they are in the 3rd edition.

Joe Dixon


If you send me questions I may post them on this Site unless you specifically ask me not to!

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