Class 25 – Questions for Exam 3 from the Review Sheet

Remember – Tuesday is Exam 3!  You do not need to know the Metabolism chapter for this exam! Just Energy Balance, Water Soluble Vitamins, and Fat Soluble Vitamins

Here are some questions from the Review Sheet from a student:

1. Who were the de Klerk family in South Africa?
ANS: This was a story I told in class. de Klerk was the President of South Africa before Nelson Mandela and his family has been in South Africa since the early Dutch colonies. Anyway, the first two women who traveled to be wives died onboard the sailing ship because of scurvy. The third made it and was the matriarch of the de Klerk family. This story just showed how vitamin C played a part in many circumstances in history.

2. Why do women have more carrying capacity for vitamin A?
ANS: In order to have a supply when they become pregnant, I suppose.

3. Where in the world does vitamin A deficiency occur and what is their main staple food?
ANS: In countries that rely on white rice as a staple and when green vegetables are lacking

4. Where else is vitamin K made and by what?
ANS: Vitamin K is made in the human intestine by bacteria

5. How do northerners adapt to low sunlight for vitamin D?
ANS: Overtime, their skin became lighter

6. Who is Harry Steenbock and what disease did he eradicate?
ANS: He discovered that you could fortify milk with UV light – therefore, he helped eradicate Rickets. You can Google him!

7. How would someone become insensitive to vitamin D?
ANS: If they had liver or kidney disease and couldn’t make the active form of vitamin D in their body. Therefore, they would need to be given di-hydroxy Vitamin D directly.This is now possible.




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