Class 1 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2019 – Welcome to Class

Welcome to the Class:

I wanted to say I am looking forward to class this semester.  Last semester I added TopHat to the class so as to get immediate feedback and to better track attendance.  The response was amazing – every student I talked to liked using TopHat.  In order to makeup for some of the extra money you need to spend on TopHat, I went back to using primarily the solid Textbook, which you can probably get used for a very small amount.  There must be hundreds on campus somewhere.  You can still order the on-line version of the book if you prefer that.  In order not to need the online version of the book, I found a free diet analysis program that is extremely easy to use and can be done from your phone.  So we will no longer use the Textbook diet analysis program.

I have a blog for the course that can be accessed directly or through TopHat.  The name is:
On the blog I put the outline for the day’s lecture and some interesting tidbits I find here and there.  If someone asks me a good question (which almost all are), I will answer it on the blog.

And finally, I use Sakai for resources, announcements, and for its gradebook.

Looking forward to a fun and productive class!

Joe Dixon


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