Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 22nd Blog – Questions from Students about Diet Assignment and Quizzes

Dear Dr. Dixon,   I am ______.  When I do the Diet analysis project, I noticed that the sum Calorie of fat, carbohydrate, and protein is larger than my daily intake Calorie, which is so weird.
Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 9.19.04 PM
Answer:  Hi,
I don’t know why they didn’t match up – just put the figures in and make note of it!           Joe Dixon
Comment:  There are always little mistakes in these programs!
Question:   There are many foods missing from the choices available on the website. Do we have to manually add a custom food then? For example, there’s no vitamin water, iodized salt, breakfast biscuits, dried fruit and a few others. If so, how do I know which micronutrients are included in each one? Not all of them are listed on the nutrition facts. Also, what would the “ug” represent when making a custom food? Aside from that, I don’t have access to a printer. Am I able to just type over the Food Intake Record that’s meant to be handwritten?
Answer:  Hi, Thanks for the email!  Dried fruit is a tough one because it could come in so many different permutations. Iodized salt – you can adjust the salt by adding how much you use – a half teaspoon? Probably on the internet.  We are not worried about iodine – – the database doesn’t have it!  There are many kinds of biscuits listed – just pick the closest!  ug is microgram (also mcg)  I wouldn’t do a custom food.
You can just write it out  – the whole thing – on a piece of paper –  then take a picture or scan.    Can you put files into PowerPoint?
Joe Dixon
Hi Professor Dixon,
I just have a quick question regarding the Dietary Assignment. I noticed that we need a hand-written diary of our foods and beverages for one day, as well as screenshots of the foods we entered into the dietary online website. My question is, what is the difference between what we are writing out by hand and what we are inputting into the system? Thanks,
Answer: Hi, Thanks for your great question.  The written one is the one you write down, etc.   The screenshot of the foods you enter should match the written one.  But if there is a mistake, then I’ll be able to see it. Or you will be able to see it.  Say you put in 1 gallon of orange juice instead of 1 cup – the vitamin C would be very, very high in your nutrient read out for the day.  So we would be able to figure it out.  I’m not trying to trick you.  It is just a check that you put the foods in right.  Plus it is a nice read out of your foods for a day!    Joe Dixon
Question:  Sun 3/22/2020 5:14 PM
Dear Dr. Dixon,    Hello I just want to clear up a few questions I had.  For the quizzes which are now considered homework assignments, will they be posted every week at a certain time? Also just to double check we don’t need to log onto the course at a certain time, it is all posted no Sakai, correct?  When is the exercise and USDA assignment due? Sincerely,
Answer:    Hi,  Thanks for the email!
I will let you know when the quizzes are posted as homework.  You’ll have 48 hours to do them.
You will need to log on for exam 2 during class time on March 31, st. I moved the exam to this date.
The exercise and USDA assignments will be posted this week – I’ll let you know then the due dates.
Joe Dixon



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