Important Exam 2 Update – April 3rd Blog – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Exam 2 is now available in Homework Mode on TopHat!!

Update:  You just need to submit each question; there is no additional submit Exam/Homework command in the Homework version of Exam 2.


Exam 2 is now available in Homework mode on TopHat. You can now take the exam whenever you wish to – even at 3 am if you want to. You cannot get locked out in this mode. So far 120 students have taken Exam 2.   If you took the exam on Tuesday and you went off quickly because you realized late that you didn’t need to take it on Tuesday and were not ready, or if the Internet gave out on you, you can retake the Exam in Homework mode. If you had Internet problems while you were taking Exam 2 on Wednesday, you can take Exam 2 again in Homework mode. YOU have to SELFTIME for 80 minutes! I will be able to see when you start and stop Exam 2 in Homework mode. So if you go past 85 minutes, I will assess a penalty on you. Unless you have special permission (some health care workers have this) you need to complete the exam by 11 pm on Monday night (April 6th). Good luck!



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