Monday Blog during the Pandemic – April 6th – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

By now, Monday, April 6th, most of you should have finished Exam 2 and the Quizzes.  Also, most of you should have submitted the Diet Assignment.  If you have trouble getting Internet or if you are working nonstop, get your assignments in when you can.  I realize there is a great deal of suffering out there.  I do not want to add to it.  But for many of you we need to go on so that we can get the course in.

Here are some important Points:

  1.  Use the Course Blog as an Epicenter for the Course.  Especially read through the questions that students submit.

2.  If you have to email me, email me at:   Your emails get lost in my Rutgers email.  As some students can attest to, sometimes I email you back in minutes using the gmail account.

3.  Tomorrow there will be another live lecture at during regular class time at 12:35 pm.  Go to the meetings tool in Sakai.


Exercise Assignment:

Now you should be working on the Exercise Assignment.  Some students tell me they do the Exercise Assignment in less than 2 hours.  The Exercise Assignment is fun and informative.

On page 1 – You calculate your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).  This is the total amount of Calories you burn each day.  The number calculated by is wrong!!!!  It is not your total energy expenditure.

There is a common error that students make in this assignment.  It is illustrated by the emails below and the figure underneath them.  Also, take note of a problem in Question #3.

Questions on April 6th, 2020
Sun 4/5/2020 1:14 PM.   Hello Professor Dixon,   I had two quick question regarding the exercise project that was assigned. …..As well as, when subtracting the energy expenditures from the BMR, are we suppose to subtract the energy expenditure value from the BMR each time. For instance, for biking the energy expenditure is  345 Kcal/hour so would I do 1167( my BMR)- 345 to get my actual kcal burned and then to calculate for another activity would I also do for instance swimming is 331 kcal/hour, so 1167- 331 and I would use the 1167 and not the answer that I got from the previous activity?  Thank you so much for your help,
Answer: Hi, The number you used at the top of the 2nd page is wrong – it should be 49 Kcal per hour – everything is per hour!! You used the per day BMR! See Figure below!
When you subtract this from the activities Kcal per hour, you should get just a little lower number.  You subtracted the energy expenditures from the BMR? Does that sound right to you?
Where did you get 641 Kcal from?   Your time calculations look ok but make sure you use the correct number in the denominator.  Joe Dixon
Hi Professor Dixon, Oh I completely understand the mistake I made. Thank you, for letting me know. Also, the 641 was for an activity I was going to use but then changed. I forgot to change it on my sheet. Also, for the part 3 questions, for number 3, what is the Eatracker program that you are referring to?   Thank you,
Answer: Hi again. The Eatracker program mentioned in question 3 of the Exercise Assignment was the program we used last semester that was discontinued in December.  The total number of Kcal calculated from is wrong!  So there is nothing to compare it to. The value for total energy expenditure (TEE) you calculated on the first page is a pretty good value! Joe Dixon

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 8.57.26 PM



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