Tuesday Blog – Update on Class and Exam 2 – April 7th – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020

Update on Class, Exam 2, and Assignments

I will be uploading grades to the Sakai Grade book today and tomorrow.  The grades in Sakai are the official grades.  If there are any problems – please email me at joedixon709255@gmail.com

Exam 2 – I just downloaded from TopHat the grades from Exam 2 – The mean was 92% and 285 students have taken Exam 2 with 16 still needing to take it. I am really amazed how many took the exam and the grades are very good!  I have received emails from students who are ill, working overtime, and with Internet problems.  There are some students who are now back home in their own countries – including China and Korea!  When you think about it, this is an amazing time, and all of you need to be commended for doing your best to keep up and for staying in contact.   Therefore, I will open Exam 2 back up again and I hope students who have not done so can take the exam when they are ready to do so.

Quizzes – There are still many people who have not yet completed the quizzes for Exam 2 – Lipid Quiz 1, 2, 3; Metabolism Quiz 1 and 2; and Energy Balance Quiz.    When you can, try to take them so you get the quiz points.  They are still open right now.


Assignments – Please go to the Blog Site to see comments about these assignments!

Diet Assignment  – 242 have uploaded their Diet assignment – I have heard that there were some problems uploading it.  Please get your diet assignment in when you can.  It seems like this assignment will take a long time, but actually, it can be done in 2-4 hours.  But I realize many of you are not in the best place (either physically or composure) to complete such an assignment.

Exercise Assignment-  19 have uploaded it!  There are some questions from students about this assignments coming in now.  This assignment does 3 things:  1) Allows you to calculate your daily Total Energy Expenditure, 2) gives insight into how much time is takes to burn Calories; and 3) Give insights into NEAT and how important it is.

Don’t forget the Live lecture today at 12:35 pm!



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