Class 26 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 24th – The Diet Assignment and Eating Disorders

What is left for the class?  Marijke and I are very busy grading and discussing the assignments.  On the whole they are excellent!  For most of the students in class – you are able to keep up – so I want you to finish the regular curriculum for the class now:

I want you to watch the lectures or study the PowerPoints for:

Chapter 10 – Water Soluble Vitamins

Chapter 11 – Fat Soluble Vitamins

Chapter 12 – Major Minerals

Chapter 13 – Trace Minerals


Take the 4 Quizzes now available as Homework on TopHat:

Water Soluble Vitamins Quiz – 10 items – 5 points – Due 4-23

Fat Soluble Vitamins Quiz – 10 items – 5 points – Due 4-24

Major Minerals Quiz – 10 items – 5 points – Due 4-27

Trace Minerals Quiz – 10 items – 5 points – Due 4-28


See Two important Lectures coming up-

Class 26 – Friday, April 24 – Discuss the Diet Assignment; This will summarize the Diet Assignment and Diets in general; Then discuss Eating disorders!

Class 27 – Tuesday, April 28   – Nutrition in Pregnancy, Infants, and Breast Feeding, by Marijke Rittmann, RD (Most important lecture for Final)

Thursday, April 30 – USDA Graphing/Table Assignment Due (Absolute Deadline)

Friday, May 1 – Review for Final – Last Class of the Semester!

Final Exam – Will be available on TopHat as a Homework Assignment – Open Book – must be taken in 80 minutes

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