Sunday update for Nutrition and Health 255 – August 30, 2020; Questions from Students


1.  The Canvas Site for the class is now established – please try to log on and see the two modules that are now available.  Module 0 (Zero) has the Syllabus, Grading Rubric, and the Schedule of Classes.

2.  There is a Big Blue Button Lecture planned for Tuesday September 1 at 2:15 pm. Make sure you know how to join this lecture format on the Canvas Site for the class.


Questions from students:

Question:   I am a student in your Nutrition and Health Section 1 class (11:709:255), and I am very excited to meet you. Before classes start, I just wanted to email you and tell you a little about myself. I am a Nutrition major and I can’t wait for what it has to offer. I had a few questions I wanted to ask you. How should I prepare for this class? As a first year student at Rutgers, I am a little overwhelmed, so I would like to be prepared for what’s coming. I have seen the syllabus and schedule of classes you sent out.

There was an email you sent out regarding “the Blog.” I am confused about that, will that be your primary way of communication? If so, is there a way I am able to receive notifications on that, because I noticed you answered some questions and I didn’t know until I clicked on the link given in the previously sent email. I would like to thank you for your time.

Answer:    Hi _________,    Welcome to Rutgers!  I can imagine how overwhelming it is to start at Rutgers this way.  Quite honestly, everyone is adapting to this new way of learning and attending college.  In this class the Blog will be the core or information center of the class.  I just set up the Canvas site and it also has interactive features.  What I like about the Blog is that you can keep it on your phone and you do not need to sign in to see it.

It is very important that you study the grading Rubric and see how I will grade the class.  I think it will be very important to keep up with the lectures and take the lecture quizzes, which are not hard but you need to keep up with them.  I hope I have answered some of your questions.

I hope you are healthy and safe and have a great semester at Rutgers!

Joe Dixon


Question:  Hi Professor Dixon,    I’ve just purchased your Obesity Explosion eBook! However, I’m confused on how to access it on my laptop. Some of the step by step directions given on were a little unclear for me. May you help guide me?  Thanks, ________.

Answer: Hi __________,     I believe you can access it with an access code and then keep it open most of the time.  I didn’t have any problems getting into the book. The on-line quizzes are not ready yet.   Please give it one more try, and get back to me if you continue to have problems.  Joe Dixon

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