Class 5 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Sept 17th – Chapter 4 of McGuire Text – Start Carbohydrates

Update for 255 – 9-17-2020   I am sending this both by Sakai and Canvas (and putting on the blog) because I am having problems with Canvas emails. If you get this email by Sakai but not by Canvas, please let me know. Remember, I really don’t know what is going on at your end. All of this is new to me too! For example, I didn’t know that I did not publish the Module for yesterday’s lecture. Therefore, you couldn’t see the slides for yesterday’s lecture. I had put them on Canvas last week and will usually put Powerpoints on Canvas by the night before a lecture. So if don’t have access to slides by the night before, please email me! Thanks!


Dear All,

1.  Go to the Blog Site for today’s Outline of Class 5

3. Remember, the first quiz is due on Canvas at 5 pm today. It is a very easy quiz – only 6 questions! Don’t worry too much about it! I will use it to make sure the grade book is working.

3. If anyone is still having problems getting access to the Website for the quizzes for “Obesity Explosion,” send me an email. I will forward your emails to the Editor I work with.   Remember, the “Obesity Explosion” quizzes don’t need to be completed until sometime in early November and you get unlimited tries on each quiz!

4. I am trying to keep up with emails but it is very difficult. If you are new student who just added the course, it is you responsibility to read through the syllabus, Schedule of Classes, and the grading rubric. Also, go to the blog and read through all the posts to see previous updates. If you haven’t heard back from me, send me another email.

Best, Joe Dixon

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