Monday Morning Update for Nutrition and Health – Sept 28, 2020

Monday Morning Update (9-29-2020)

Dear All,

If you have any questions about below – go through older blogs  or read letters from students to get information. 

Exam 1 –  Remember Exam 1 is Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020. It covers up to Chapter 5. I will put a review sheet for Exam 1 on Canvas on Wednesday, Sept 30th.

Lectures – I now only get a couple of emails about not being able to access the Recordings.  It most cases, it is an email problem or class registration problem – if you have problems contact Rutgers OIT immediately by phone – they will help you!

Lecture Quizzes –  Quiz 3 is now open and it needs to be completed by Wednesday, Sept 30th.  I will have the grades for Quizzes 1 and 2 updated today – it is very complicated and I am still learning!

Obesity Explosion Quizzes – You all should have the book (Email or Printed) and have registered for the Chapter quizzes on the Website.  This is self-study for now – try to keep up!  I have only received one recent email about trouble getting onto the Obesity Explosion Website.  Again, please read past Blogs if you still are havng problems.

Diet Assignment – I will spend a few minutes next lecture (Sept 30th) going over the Diet Assignment.  It is important that you read through everything so you can ask me questions.   It is on Canvas!

USDA graphing Assignment – Don’t worry about this – you have almost the whole semester to do it!

Later today, go to the Blog Site for Class 8’s Outline

Best,  Joe Dixon

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