Questions from Students over the past few days – Sept 29, 2020

Important Question:   Good afternoon,  My name is ____________and I have completed the dietary assignment however I have a few questions. I followed the powerpoint as a guideline and did all the calculations for the assignment. On your powerpoint, you calculated the total fat in Kcal as well as the carbs and protein in Kcal. You then added up the amounts you got for each and showed that your calculated sum was less than the sum that was shown to you through the website we used. When I calculated mine, mine was higher than the value given to me by the website. Is this an error? How did this occur? Did I do my calculations wrong? If you could help me with this that would be so wonderful! I’m attaching my results below. Thank you for your time,    _________

Answer: Thank you so much for your email and for doing the assignment right away and thus you could ask such a great question.  I am not sure why there is a difference between your calculations and the total Kcal you came up with, and the value the program came up with.  In some  the calculation will be less.  I don’t understand why.  Nick’s explanations may be correct. 

Your calculation:  1996 total Kcal

Program: 1928 total Kcal

The difference is fairly small however.  1996 – 1928 equals 68 Kcal; And 68 / 1928 is about 3 – 4 %.

This is not worth worrying about. I showed the calculation the way I wanted it because I knew this would come up. Just do it as I showed in my powerpoint. Make sure you come up with the % contributions of Kcal from fat, protein, and Carbs

This was the perfect question as I will get many of the emails and I’m sure your question will help others. Joe Dixon

Question:   Hi Professor Dixon,   For question 2, is the answer really not all of the above? While I was taking the quiz, I was pretty sure that the energy for every single one of those examples originated from the sun. Specifically, I thought that the energy found in oil (due to deceased organic matter), plants (photosynthesis), meat (from eating animals that have eaten plants (photosynthesis)), and fat (from eating plants (photosynthesis) and/or eating animals that have eaten plants (photosynthesis)) has ALL ultimately originated from the sun.

Answer:  Thank you for your great email!  I gave everyone a point for the problems with QUIZ 2.  Your explanation for the answer to question #2 was right on.  I am just getting use to Canvas and I hope not to make mistakes in the future!  Joe Dixon

Question:   Hi Professor Dixon,   When I did all the obesity quizzes, it did not show me the quiz grade. Can you check which quizzes I did not get a 100 in so I can redo them to get full credit for it? I really enjoyed reading your book and I really like learning about Nutrition as I am trying to lose weight too! Those protein waffles you recommended the first class were very good recommendations!

Answer:  Hi,  Thank you for your email. Sorry to get back to you so slow.  I’m happy you liked the book.  I was wondering why you read it all at once and did all the questions at one time?  How long (hours) did it take you to read the book?  Did you find the questions helpful in getting the message of the book across? 

From some other letters, I thought it was evident how many questions were correct after someone took a quiz.  I’ll check on this!  Joe Dixon

Question:  Evening Professor, my name is _______, I am a student in your Nutrition and Health course 11:709:255:01. I know you’re still getting plenty of questions regarding the Obesity Explosion quizzes, but I have some since I’m a little confused. I understand they’re not due until early November and I have access to both the quizzes and the book. One thing I noticed is that the book is split into parts but the quizzes are labeled as chapters so I’m confused how the information lines up. Also, on the website for the quizzes, I only have access to 14 total quizzes when you said there are a total of 17 but only 15 need to be completed. Let me know how I can go about resolving this, thank you!

ANSWER:   Hi, Thank you for your email.   Yes, the quizzes are listed by chapter.   Chapters 1, 8 and 9 don’t have multiple-choice questions, so, in fact, there are only 14 quizzes in total.  So I changed the grading such that you have to do 13 / 14 quizzes to get full points for the Obesity Explosion quizzes.  I made a mistake in forgetting about chapters 1, 8, and 9 not having multiple choice quizzes.  Sorry about that.  Since it is self-study, and students don’t need to have their quizzes done until early November, I hope this OK with everyone.  I will check the quizzes Nov 1 and remind anyone who hasn’t completed the multiple choice quizzes.  Just as a note of information, chapters 1, 8, and 9 have essay questions attached to them, but I didn’t assign them to 255, so they don’t show up on the Website!   Joe Dixon

Question:  Professor Dixon,

Can we able to make up obesity quizzes? I kinda forgot to do them. Thank you, Student  –  Rutgers-New Brunswick

ANSWER:  11:45 AM (5 minutes ago) Hi, The Obesity Quizzes are self-study and are not due until early Nov.  Look at the most recent schedule of classes I sent out on Monday.   On Nov 1 I will check the quizzes and send out a warning to students who are behind in the Obesity Explosion quizzes.   Joe Dixon

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