Class 10 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Oct 6th – Exam 1

Go to Canvas on Oct 6th in order to take Exam 1. 

There are 55 questions.

Good luck to everyone!

Questions from Students:

Question: Dear Dr. Dixon, I have a question about #42 in Diabetes Progression Practice Question. It said the reason for Type 2 diabetes is unable of secreting enough insulin. But according to your ppt, that is for Type 1. If a person does not respond to insulin, it would be Type 2. Did I misunderstand something? Best, (Note;  the students attached some screen shots)

Answer: Thank you for your very insightful question. The answer for question # 42 seems contradictory, but you need to understand this time in the patient’s progression. As the Type 2 diabetic patient is becoming severely Type 2 diabetic (right panel), the pancreas beta cells become “burnt out,” or they stop functioning because they are dead or severely injured. In that situation, the Type 2 Diabetic patient become very similar to a Type 1 diabetic patient. They need insulin injections just like a Type 1 diabetic patient. But remember, they have suffered years of insulin insensitivity and high glucoses, so the whole course of the Type 2 disease is very different than the course of the Type 1 disease.  I hope this answers your excellent question!   Joe Dixon

Question:  Can you do Practice question 28?  “pina colada drink question”

Answer: Set it up like –

Alcohol is 20 gram x 7 =  140 Kcal

Carbohydrate is 18 x 4 =   72 Kcal

Fat is 9 x 2 =                         18 Kcal

Protein is 1 x 4 =                   4  Kcal

Total Kcal =                          234 Kcal (answer c)

By the way, all the questions on the real test are much simpler than this question – but it is good to check your answer twice!





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