Monday Update for Nutrition and Health – October 19, 2020 – Questions about the Diet Assignment

Just some general comments first:

The Lipids Quiz is published and you need to take it before Wednesday at 5 pm. 

The due date for the Diet Assignment has been extended one more time – until Wednesday at 11 pm.  However, the Drop boxes will remain open until Friday. 

Most of the questions I am receiving now have already been asked.  Please go back trough this Blog to see the answers to the questions I have already posted.  But here goes some more questions and answers:

Question:    Sun 10/18/2020 1:22 PM  Good afternoon, there was a delay to buy the obesity book due to financial issues but I did just received the book. I haven’t been able to take the weekly quizzes and I’m concerned that it will affect my grades. Will the missing quizzes be counted or can I make up for them? Thank you in advance. 

Answer:     Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with me. The Obesity quizzes are not due until early November, so you have plenty of time to complete them. The book and quizzes are self-study, and you need to complete 13 out of 14 quizzes.  Go back and read some of the earlier answers in this Blog.    Sincerely, Joe Dixon

Question:   Sun, Oct 18, 11:02 AM (20 hours ago)    Dear Professor,  For question 4 for on the Diet Assignment, how do we determine the vitamin highest to our DRI? Since the DRI measurement is in (ug) and myfoodrecord measures in grams, how would we convert this number to determine if it is a toxic amount?

Also, is using Google Slides acceptable as oppose to using a Powerpoint? Thank you,

Sorry for the succession of emails, but I noticed you noted on the Powerpoint that the Diet Assignment cannot be more than 10 slides. However, for the questions, there are multiple parts for multiple questions. With the screenshots of my diet and analysis answers, my assignment will be over 10 slides. Is this okay with you?    Thank you,

Answer: Your questions are technical in nature and your need to read the whole assignment through several times and get an overview of how the assignment needs to be done. Concerning, determining the highest vitamin, it is true the vitamins can vary greatly in amount, but the question is asking which has the highest percent DRI, which is on the analysis print out. So I am looking for relative comparisons here.

As long as you submit the document as a pdf you can use Google Slides.

Please note the questions are uploaded as a separate document – word or pdf.     Sincerely, Joe Dixon

Question:  Hello Professor Dixon,   A few of us are getting summed total calorie value that is higher than the total Kcal value the analyzer calculated. We don’t understand what is wrong. For example, here is my data and work:     (See Below)  Does this mean there is no remaining? What is causing this?    Best,

Answer:     Hi,  Sorry for the delay in responding.  I think I have commented on this several times.  The difference you are concerned about, that you calculated, is about 1%.  This is exceedingly small – I wouldn’t worry about it.  (See figure below!)

Most important is that calculated the difference and observed this.  I’m not sure how the program computes the total Kcal consumed.  Remember, the data base in this program is huge, and there could be some mistakes.  But I would ask you this question:  “How accurate were the amounts of the various, different foods you keyed into the program?”

The basic concept here is that this is very rough all around. It just gives you snapshot of one day, but it can give you insights into how you eat.    Joe Dixon

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