Class 17 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Oct 29th – Finish Chapter 8 of McGuire Text – Commodities, Exercise, and Diets

Letter from a Student Concerning Obesity Explosion

Tue 10/27/2020 5:23 PM

Question: Professor Dixon,   I know it is late in the semester, I have been so behind due to the other science classes I am taking (biology and physics + both of their labs and recitations), but I found an email you sent earlier in the year mentioning the book I should purchase on cengage. However, below that was another book, and I wanted a clarification on how to get access to the obesity quizzes. Again, I am sorry I am emailing you about this so late, but I have had so many things on my mind this semester that it has been difficult to concentrate.

In short, I would like to know what book I am supposed to buy in order to complete the quizzes, please let me know as soon as possible. I would also like to know on what day these quizzes are due. Thanks, MP

Answer:  Thank you for your email.  I am sure other students in class have the same questions you have.  There is still plenty of time to get the Ebook and do the quizzes. But the process is a little complicated, so follow these instructions. You have to have all the Obesity Explosion quizzes done by 11-19-20

In the Syllabus, 2 books were listed: 

Mcguire/Beerman – Nutritional Sciences: : From Fundamentals to Food, Enhanced Edition – Price: $199.95   (Upgraded 3rd edition) ISBN: 9781337565332 (Hard cover version)   (This is also available, used, on-line for about $20)

Second BookObesity Explosion – The Collision of Nutrition, Culture, Politics, and Food, by Joseph L. Dixon, Published on August 24, 2020; Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

To buy the Obesity Explosion  book:  Go to

The Ebook is $24 – This will give you access to the on-line book and also to the quizzes.  These are on two separate websites from two different companies!

After you buy the Ebook, you will receive a book access code by a second email (Keep an eye out for it! It sometimes goes to your spam)

You need to go to:          (This is the Ebook access company)

and sign up for an account.  You will then have access to the EBook.

Then you also need to get access to the quizzes, which are at a different Website. You do this by going to:

Put in the Quiz access code you got from Kendall Hunt.  It is quite long and looks like: ABCDE-7AB1A-ABC2X-4A12A   (This is an Example!)

After you get access, you need to go through the long account sign up process!  Be patient!

You will need to confirm the book (Obesity) and the University you are at.  Then you need to pick the course you are in – Nutrition and Health 255 – Section 1    (two courses use this book so be careful!)

Then you continue to sign up for your personal Account. After filling in all the information – address etc.:

Then you go back to the Sign In page on

and use your account user name and password to get access to the Quizzes.  The quizzes can be taken an unlimited amount of times!  (Just like in Groundhog Day Movie!)

You need to do the quizzes until you get 100% of each quiz correct! If you get a question wrong, look it up, and do the quiz again!

You can keep track of the quizzes you take by going to the Grade Book – Grid Button – you will see something like this:

The Quizzes are self-study!

You must have all the Obesity Explosion quizzes done by 11-19-20

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