Nutrition & Health – November 22, 2021 – Monday Update on the Diet Assignment

General Comments – So far the Diet Assignments have been Very Good. My basic feeling is that the data base is better than the one we used last time. I will have a full set of comments after I grade all the assignments. There are a few important issues:

  1. Some Data PowerPoints, that needed to be converted to a pdf before uploading, were not successfully uploaded. You needed to convert your PowePoint to a pdf containing all your slides. I have contacted students where I think this happened. But if you remember not converting to a pdf, please do this and then re-submit the Data to the Data submission box. I will keep the Submission boxes open over the Thanksgiving holiday. If you don’t know how to do this, please Google it and learn how to do it. It is relatively easy.

2. Protein Intake. For some reason people are not accessing their correct protein intake values from the report. Also, the RDA for protein is right on the report. If you are much bigger or smaller than the medium body type, you can calculate your protein RDA by: _____ Kg body weight x 0.8 grams of protein/ Kg body weight. See Screenshot below:

3. Highest & Lowest Nutrients. Use the relative sizes of the bars to ascertain which nutrient is highest and which nutrient is lowest. When the bars look very close, then do the calculations,

4. Favorite Front Slides so far:

More Comments to Come…

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