Plans for How to Cure Obesity for Summer 2015

Since this blog is basically for my courses on Nutrition and Obesity at Rutgers University, the posts become less frequent during the summer months and between semesters. However, that does not mean that I am inactive during these times. As you were able to see in my last post, I just published a book on Ancel Keys, who was an amazing scientist and also a hard working American who sought to improve the health of all Americans.

This summer (2015), I will attempt to complete another book project– that is, a book on Obesity in America. 

Here is a bit of information on my new book on Obesity:

What is the current title? So far, the title is: Nutrition, Health, and Obesity: The Rise of Obesity in America and its Causes.

Why I am writing this book?  There is not a good nutrition/obesity book for the general public on the market. There are many books written by so-called “media nutrition experts.”  I use “Textbook of Obesity…” (See below) in my class and it is a great book and a wonderful source of references and topics, but it is a fairly dry book for the general reader.

Do I have the background to write this book? My credentials for writing this book:  I have been teaching a class entitled “Nutrition and Health” for almost 25 years.  I have taught this class at Columbia University in NY, at the University of Missouri, and now about 10 years at Rutgers University.  Over the past few years I have also taught a class entitled, “Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management” (11:709:427:01). The Obesity book I am writing uses the knowledge and experience I have gained in teaching these two classes.

What is my philosophy in writing the book?  I believe that if people truly understand the problem behind energy management and obesity, and if they are presented with some solid strategies for going forward with a plan of health living, then they will not turn to fad diets or crazy practices. They will pick a course of action and stick with it.

Who is the Audience for the book?  I think a medium educated and highly motivated audience interested in nutrition and health (and not requiring a science background) will be the target audience.

What are my goals and aspirations for the book?  I am hoping that this book will become the “Guns, Germs, and Steel” of the nutrition area.

What are Early Readers saying? I have had two Beta readers read an early version of the book last fall, and both of them loved it. One told me, “When you publish the book, I will buy a copy for each of my children and friends.”

Please watch out for posts from my book that I will publish this summer on this Site!

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