Eat a Mediterranean Salad to Fight Obesity

Eating a Mediterranean salad for lunch or dinner is a fantastic way to eat healthy and fight obesity.  It is packed full of nutrients including plenty of fiber to fill you up.  A Mediterranean salad can also raise your spirits!  In my mind, two important aspects that make it better are:

1.  Using a portable glass salad bowl with a tight fitting lid.  I do not enjoy eating out of a plastic bowl.

2. Use many different ingredients and change them often.

Today’s salad contained

Romaine lettuce (locally grown)

Mixed greens (spinach and lettuces)

White beans (canned)


Green and red pepper (fried in onions and olive oil)


Blue berries

salad 6-29-15 full big crop

Salad 6-29-15 Closup2 Big

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