Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 24th Blog – Julie Moss Video and More Questions from Students

For the Physical Activity PowerPoint Lecture, I put in a bad URL for the video of Julie Moss.   One student located a working URL.  For the Julie Moss video, go to:


For the whole story, please go hear the story at:


It is an amazing story!

Now some more questions from Students:

Emails from 3-24-2020

Question:  Hi Professor Dixon,  I saw on your blog site that someone had already made a comment and question about how the sum of their fat, carbs and protein kcal was larger than the total daily intake. I had the same problem and made a note of it on the first page as you directed. However, I still have a question. Since my calories did not match up, on slide 5 do I still have to include my total calorie intake for the day? Or can I leave it as it is? Also do I have to include the percentages or is what I have correct?
Thank you,
Hi Alaina,  Thanks for your email.  I saw your PowerPoint and it looks good.  For the percentages, just sum the Calories from Fat Carbohydrate and Protein and use that as the total.  So from that you can get a percentage contributed by each macronutrient.  Everyone is having the same problem!   Joe Dixon
Question: Dr. Dixon,  Greetings for the day! I hope this email finds you in the best health.
I’m ____________, a student of your Nutrition and Health 255 class.  I needed clarifications regarding academic expectations and the course in general. Firstly, since there are no live or online lectures will self-studying the PowerPoint presentations and the textbook help me score well in the exams? Secondly, I was trying the MyFoodRecord website to see how it works. I could not find several brands I consume on a regular basis. For instance, protein pancakes. I’ve done some regular calorie intake checks before I took the course and I used to use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. It is literally the most convenient, informative, and versatile app. I just scanned my packet or box fill in the exact quantity and I had all the required details. I am from India, and at least one meal every day is home-cooked Indian food, the app even has those Indian cuisines. I wanted to know if I could use the app instead of the suggested website since it is far more accurate and it has literally everything. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanking you in advance.  Best Regards
Hi, Thank you for the email.  I will start the video lectures after Exam 2. For now, study from the Powerpoints and the Study guide.  And read the book for chapters 6, 7, and 8.  I don’t think MyFitnessPal has all the nutrients that the MyFoodRecord website has.  If it does, show me the output. In the meantime, try to make adjustments in the database.  For example, see how much extra protein there was in the protein pancakes compared to regular pancakes.  Then add that much (grams?) pure soy protein to you daily foods by putting in that extra amount.  There is no doubt it is a little difficult.  You can even compare the MyFitnessPal with MyFoodRecord.   Joe Dixon
Question:  Good afternoon Dr.Dixon,
this is ________, one of your students from your intro to nutrition course.  I just have a quick question about the Diet Analysis Project.  Do we have to include how much water we drink in our food intake record and/or input it in the “my food record” website?  Thank you!  Best wishes,
Hi, Thanks for your email!  No, you do not have to include water in your diet record!   Joe Dixon

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