Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 25th Blog – More Questions from Students

Questions on March 25, 2020

Questions from later in the afternoon:

Good Morning Professor Dixon,   This is regarding the dietary assignment. So for this assignment I only have to keep track of my diet for only a single day? And then answer the questions and submit it through sakai?   Thank You,
Answer:  Dear _______:   Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!   But do a good job too!    Joe Dixon
Hi Dr. Dixon, hope you are doing well!
1) (specific question)
2) Attached below is my exercise assignment, which I have just finished. Before I submit it, I just want to check up with you on 2 things:
  1.  a) My total energy expended is a bit lower than the average male, so I wasn’t sure if I did any calculations wrong, I was wondering if you could quickly skim through to make sure.
  2. b) For question 3 on the questions, it asks to compare our calculated total energy expended with the one on a website that is not in service anymore, so instead, I went online and found another total energy expended calculator and used that instead. I was wondering if that’s ok with you.
  3. c) Otherwise, I think my exercise assignment is done, so I was wondering if you could check to make sure I hit all requirements. (this is the first one submitted so I will do it – but please don’t send me others!!!)
3) I have finished the dietary assignment as well as the exercise assignment after this, and am planning to review for the exam now. I just want to make sure I am not missing/shouldn’t be working on any other current quizzes/assignments (the reason I’m asking is all classes are online now so I don’t want one assignment you sent to slip through the cracks.  Thanks again for your help during these uncharted waters.
Stay safe,
Answer:   Hi,  Thanks for your best wishes!  You are the first to submit an Exercise Assignment!  It isn’t due to April 14th. Your assignment looks great.  Almost perfect!  One thing I saw is that swimming is not a Neat activity.  Golf may be on the borderline if it is done very casually.   So I would remove the swimming.  The hours look great though. It was great you went to another site to get your energy expenditure and that they were pretty close!  For your size and weight, the energy expenditure is right on!  Thanks for doing a great job!
I am glad you liked the assignment.  Do you like cheesecake?  LOL
BTW, I just put on TopHat a quiz that is due by Friday, March 27th at 10 am.  It should take 10 min to do! Stay safe too!
Joe Dixon

From Earlier in the Day:

Thank you for your response. Is it okay if I manually add my food and all the nutrients to the website as it does have an ‘add custom food’ feature? I take vitamin gummies every day and they are the only major source to fulfill my daily vitamin requirement. Should I add it to the analysis? All my vitamins and minerals are deficient (highlighted red) without them.   Best Regards
Answer: Actually, I prefer that you do not add vitamins because I want you to see what is coming from your diet alone. You can add them to your written diary. You can mention that you take vitamins in the written portion of your diet assignment. Yes, you can try to add custom foods.  I haven’t tried this yet. If you are successful please send me the foods you added and how you did it so I can see how it works.  Thanks for your great questions and help!  Joe Dixon
Good Evening Dr. Dixon,
My name is ________ and I just had a question regarding the extra credit slide. Is it okay if I exceed the 1 slide limit because I am doing a timeline and it happens to not all fit on one slide. It would only be a slide or two extra that I would need to use. Thank you so much for your time and have a safe rest of the year!   Sincerely,
Answer: Thank you for your email!  That will be fine.  I will set up an assignment portal in Sakai for it so don’t send them yet!  Thank you for helping me! Joe Dixon

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