Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 30th Blog – More Questions from Students

I keep posting questions from students because I think many of you have the same questions:

Later Emails on March 30th, 2020
Hi Dr. Dixon,
I am currently doing my diet assignment but I cannot seem to open the powerpoint version  Diet – What to hand in S2020.pptx , are we supposed to make the powerpoint from scratch but follow the format of how it should look like?  Thank you!   Sincerely,
Answer: Thanks for the email!  I will put it on Sakai as a pdf so you can see it.  It would be good if you could open it because then you could make a copy and use it as a template!    JOE DIXON
Mon 3/30/2020 10:14 AM    Hi Professor, I am a student from your Nutrition & Health I class and I am confused because I completed the calculations to find the total kcal from protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The issue is that the value I keep getting from that is higher than the overall total calories from what the analysis from the website says. I am not sure if this could be an issue coming from the amount of food that I put in the chart or something else, but I am really unsure of what I should do.
Answer: Hi, Just use the Calories from the Macronutrients – don’t worry about the overall Calories calculated by the Website!   See the Blog for other questions about the diet assignment!
Send all Emails to the other email for the class:
Joe Dixon
Good Morning Professor Dixon, I hope all is well. My name is ______. I’m in your Nutrition & Health 01 Sp20 class that meets on Tuesday & Friday. I have been struggling with the recent changes to online classes. I don’t have WiFi because I used to rely on Rutgers Computers & their WiFi to do online assignments. I have been trying to use a nearby burger King free WiFi to try to get my work done. wasn’t able to do the Pre-Test last week. I was wondering if I could attempt to do it again? I have been trying my best to do my assignments on time but sometimes I can’t. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.    Best Regards,
Answer: I’ll give you credit for the Pre-Test.  I hope you can hold on and make it through.  Please go to the blog to get updates on the course:
Don’t forget about the quizzes!   Also, email to the other email site:
Good Luck and stay healthy!
Joe Dixon
From Sunday: Hello Professor Dixon,
I am in your Nutrition and Health class, and I just took a look at the diet analysis project. I am on a very specialized diet, so I eat 3-5 “snacks” a day (that the diet company sends me) along with one real meal. I just wanted to ask how you would like me to organize this in the Food Intake Record. Should I record them all as snacks? Thank you very much, and I hope you’re doing well in quarantine!   Sincerely,
Answer: Thanks for your email.  With 300 students in the class, there are going to be many different diets.  For you, just type directly into PowerPoint where I have the hand written Diet Record slides (2 in total) and give a record of what you are eating.  Then try to do the analysis using the website as best you can.  Explain in the questions what you did.
I hope this class is giving you insights into diets and Nutrition.  Please email to the other email –
Also, everyone can type their diet record right into the 2 PowerPoint slides.
Stay safe and healthy!   Joe Dixon
Dear Dr. DIxon,
I am having issues finding the answer for this question in your notes; Dr. Dixon says the following go together like a horse and carriage. soybean oil and chicken, rice and pasta, beef and pork, or brussel sprouts and cabbage.
Answer: Hi _________,    Thanks for your question. You can use your SAT test taking skills to answer this question.  I did mention this in class several times.  Hint:  One answer has two things that are very different but go together.  All the rest have two similar things!  Joe Dixon
Dear Dr. Dixon,
Will the test be proctored or will it be exactly like the pretest?
Answer: Hi again, it will be exactly like the Pre-Test.  My job is to teach the best way I can.  I am not too worried about proctoring during this crisis.  Your job is figuring out the best way to learn.  Everyone can have their notes available.  But I can tell you it is better to do the quizzes and listen to the Review Session tomorrow before taking the Exam.  There are 4 times you can take it.  Pick the one that fits best your schedule!   Joe Dixon
More Emails from Students – Early on March 30th, 2020
Hey Professor Dixon,
I just have a quick question. When I calculated my Kcal from the macronutrients I found that the calculated Kcal was more than the calories from Is this normal? Also, do I need to make a spread sheet of what I ate or is the handwritten page that is on Sakai sufficient?
Answer:   Hi, Thanks for your email.  Please read the answers to students’ emails on the blog.   Just do the Calories from the macronutrients.
Also, see the PowerPoint of what needs to be handed in.  I think I wrote that you should do it exactly – the spreadsheet was not in that.   I have recently said you can just type your food diary into the PowerPoint slide directly.
Joe Dixon
Mar 29, 2020, 5:07 PM (18 hours ago)
Hello Professor Dixon,   I was looking at the possible dates for Exam 2 and noticed that “Monday, April 5th” was one of the options but April 5th is a Sunday. I was just wondering whether you meant to write “April 6th” or if the exam is on Sunday rather than Monday. Thank you in advance! Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy!
Answer:   Yes, it is April 6th – thanks for the heads up – I’ll correct it.  Thanks for you wishes.  I hope you and your family remain healthy!   Joe Dixon
Dear Dr. Dixon,
I just want to ask about how many times could we take the exam? My name is ____________. I am in your nutrition and health class.
Answer: Hi,  You can take it only once!  So be ready when you can take it.   Wait until you do all of the quizzes on TopHat and watch the review session during class time tomorrow.  Print your review sheet and go over several times.  Put yourself into a concentrative mood.  Locate in a quiet place.  For the time f the exam do not think of anything else. Then take the Exam!  Thanks for the question.  Good Luck!  Joe Dixon
Professor,   This is __________. What should I do if I cannot find the food, which I ate this morning, on the My Food Record? I ate steamed bread this morning, which is a kind of Chinese food. Thank you and have a great day.
Answer: Hi ___________, I can only suggest you pick something very similar and put it in. The database probably does not have a lot Chinese foods.  You might want to eat very simply on the day you choose to do the diet diary and project.  Do the best you can.  That is all I can ask for.  Make sure you answer the questions as fully as possible.  Explain the difficulties you had.  Good luck!  Joe Dixon

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