Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 30th Blog- Part 2- Answers to the Quizzes now Assigned on TopHat

This is unusual, but because of Spring Break and the Shock of the Pandemic, we fell behind in quizzes.  So I assigned a whole bunch at the same time and you should do them before taking Exam 2 in order to study.  They are very easy, and you may not need an answer key, but I am giving the answer keys right now. The quizzes are for the purpose of showing you what I think is important.  In general, the Exam questions are harder and are going to require more thinking than the Quiz questions.  Lipids Quiz 2 ended this morning at 10 am.  But the others do not end until this coming Sunday.  But you should do them before attempting Exam 2 in TopHat.  Here are the answer keys:
Lipids Quiz 2 –  in order:  a, d, b, c, c, a, a, a, c, c;   By the way, most people got question 4 wrong!  Worth 5 points
Lipids Quiz 3 –  in order: c, d, d, b, a, a, c, b, d, a;  Worth 5 points
Metabolism Quiz 1 – in order: c, d, c, c, a;  Worth 2 total points
2nd Metabolism Quiz – in order: d, d, d, a, b, c:   Worth 3 total points
(previously the last two answers were switched in the 2nd Metabolism Quiz !)
Energy Balance Quiz – in order:  d, b, a, d, d, b, e:  Worth  3.5 total points




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