Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – March 31st Blog – Class 19 – Live Review Session for Exam 2 – Recorded through Sakai/Meetings – Also Possible Free Internet

Live Review Session for Exam 2 at 12:35 pm during Class Time

Free Internet? – Please Check this Out!

Hi professor Dixon!

I hope all is well! My name is ____________, I’m currently in your Nutrition and Health class. I was looking at the blog and saw an email from a student talking about how they had no internet access at the moment. I was given this website by a friend and was wondering if you could email it to that student so they could have internet access for free during a 3 month period. I know many students are probably struggling through these difficult times and hopefully this website and program by sonic will help out many kids. I personally haven’t tried so I can’t guarantee it but at least it’s better than nothing!! My friend said her aunt had shown her this, so hopefully it works for anyone who needs it.   Thank you so much!!!


Answer: Dear ____________, Thank you so much for sending this.  I will forward it to the student and put it on the blog!  Joe Dixon




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