Class 23 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 14th – Chapter 12 – Major Minerals

On Tuesday during the regular class time, there will be a live lecture on the Major Minerals.  Go to the Sakai Meetings Tool.  Please read the chapter!


I added the last Assignments for the Course on Sakai (Go to Resources – Folders M and N):

These assignments are easy and can be done pretty fast!

1. USDA Graphing/Table Assignment – 20 points – The PowerPoint Directions are long but you can do this 1 -2 slide assignment in maybe 1 hour.  It is due April 30th (an absolute deadline).

2.  Redesigning one of my PowerPoint Slides that you thought was confusing or poorly constructed – 5 Extra Credit points (So if you are doing very well in the class you do not have to do this assignment!).



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