Class 23 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – April 14th – Chapter 12 – Major Minerals

There is a Live On-line Lecture during the official class time (12:35 pm) today. Please go to the Sakai Meetings Tool and you can join the meeting and see the lecture.  The lecture will also be recorded!


I am extending the due date for the Exercise Assignment to Friday, April 17th,  at 5 pm.


More questions about the Exercise Assignment – Monday 4-13-2020


Hello Dr. Dixon, I am confused about the section for kcal content of favorite snacks because the snacks I am putting have a very low kcal content. For example, I put that one of my favorite snacks are Lays Barbecue Chips and on a standard bag it says that it is only around 150 calories. If this is too low, should I use the kilocalories for a whole case or is this fine?
Answer: Hi, 150 Kcal is fine for your favorite snack!  Why would you put in a whole case?  How much is a case?  Joe Dixon
A repeat for the Blog:
Good evening Dr. Dixon,  this is _______again from your Nutrition class.
This time I have a couple of questions about the exercise assignment!
For the NEAT activities calculations in the powerpoint questions are we just supposed to use the kcal/hour burned by walking and gardening?
And for the third question regarding how the calculated TEE in this assignment compares to the one from the dietary assignment, is there a number that we are supposed to get from And if so, where is it located? I am having trouble finding it.
Thank you so much!
Best Regards,
Answer: Good questions!  Thanks for your email!  Yes, use walking for walking, and gardening for basic roaming type tasks like cleaning, doing dishes, gardening, taking a shower, etc.  I think most of us get at least 3 hours of NEAT per day.
The TEE you calculate will be pretty close to the right value if you pick the correct level of activity.  You cannot compare it to anything because the value in is wrong.  We really need a better program but this is the one available to us that is free.
Hope this helps!  Joe Dixon
Hello Professor Dixon,   I have finished the exercise assignment and am ready to hand it in. I just wanted to clarify question 3 on the third page for the assignment (regarding TEE calculated on the website). I did not find a way to calculate the TEE on the website, so I just used the Calorie goal the program gives me and compared that to the TEE I calculated for the assignment. Is this acceptable? If not, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to find TEE on the program.   Thank you,
Hi, Don’t worry about this question because I realized too late that we are not using Eatracker because it was discontinued.  The Goal in is wrong.  I need to contact them and tell them this. I don’t see away to calculate your TEE using this site.   Joe Dixon

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