Class 28 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2020 – May 1st – Last Class of the Semester – Go Over the Review Sheet for the Final Exam

Update on the Class and Comments on April 30th 2020:


I hope you got to see Marijke’s class on Tuesday. It was fabulous! She has such amazing experience – having been involved in International organizations and having lived in many countries! Yay Marijke! Thank you so much for being a great TA!

Again, I was absolutely amazed at the Diet Assignments. They were the best ever! Some students submitted only a PowerPoint or a word document, and we are trying to get that straightened out.

We are almost done grading the Exercise assignments. They are also very good! Please see my comments on total energy expenditure in the lecture I gave last Friday. I am still amazed that some of you still think you only do 3 to 5 hours of NEAT a week! You should wash your house’s floors more often, or wash the dishes every day for your parents! I have been washing lots of dishes as our dishwasher is broken. It kills my back! I am getting criticism from my Editor about the term NEAT. She doesn’t like it and wants me to come up with another term. I wish Jim Levine didn’t throw the term thermogenesis in there. I think just non-exercise activity (NEA) is better. Right now I am thinking about just Daily Activity (DA). I dunno though.

I have also looked at some USDA graphing /table assignments. They are also amazing! I hope that you will get ideas about how to use this database in future projects. Look at my advice concerning this assignment on the blog a week ago or so.

Tomorrow is Class 28 of the semester—the last class!   It will be mainly going over the Review Sheet – so if you can – Print your review sheet and go over it tonight!

Don’t forget the Mineral quizzes on TopHat. Just a hint – many of you could do well just taking them without seeing the lectures. But to do very well, you need to review the lectures.

Stay safe out there!

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