Welcome to Nutrition and Health 709:255 for Fall 2020

August 19, 2020


I have received many emails about the time during the week Nutrition and Health 255, section 01, is meeting this fall. As you can imagine, the course has to meet sometime, and it has to overlap with some of your other online classes. I found last semester that the class works better when there are students on line during the class and asking questions through the Chat box. But the lectures are recorded and can be watched at later times. What I do is answer the most pertinent questions on the Blog. The Blog is the center of the course on line. On the blog you can follow the flow of the course and I remind you of quizzes and projects coming up.

Most important are the exams – there are three exams including the final exam. I imagine the final exam will be at a set time set by Rutgers. I will work to make sure everyone can take the 2 mid-term exams. Obviously, there will have to be multiple times to take the mid-term exams.

Of course, you have to decide whether you wish to listen to recorded lectures if you happen to have another class scheduled at the same time.

Please go to the Blog to see this message. Using the blog you can keep up with the ebb and flow of the class.


Joe Dixon


Announcement:   The Syllabus and the schedule of classes with topics will be emailed to you on Friday.  The Canvas site for the class should be up by mid-week next week!

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