Class 2 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Sept 3rd – On Zoom


1.  I only received a few emails from Students about not being able to get on Zoom.  Those that had trouble had not signed up for Rutgers Zoom.

2.  I only received one email concerning not being able to access the recording.  There is still uncertainty about whether you need a pass code to access the recording.

3.  The “Obesity Explosion” print book is now available on the Kendall Hunt site.  If you buy the printed book, be careful to choose a low price mailing option!

4.  Today, I put the Student Reviews of the Spring semester’s class on the Canvas Site for the class.

5.  Today we will start the slides for Chapter 1 of the McGuire textbook.

We may get into Chapter 2 – I’m not sure.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe!



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