Thursday Night Update for Nutrition and Health 255

Class 2 Today – Sept 3rd – We went through the Slides for Chapter 1 of McGuire.  Then we started the Slides for Chapter 2.  As I mentioned in class today, Chapter 1 is a little fluffy.  Chapter 2, on the other hand, discusses nutrition assessment, which is an important concept.

During today’s lecture, there were questions about quizzes.  The quizzes concerning the lectures will be through Canvas.  I haven’t put the quiz component together yet. 

The On-line site for the “Obesity Explosion” quizzes will be ready by early next week.  I will send you the link when it is ready.  I have had many emails about quizzes – please do not worry about them yet.

Concerning the recording of Class 2 – I can see it on Canvas, but I haven’t been able to access it yet.  I will call the Office of Information Technology tomorrow and find out what is going wrong.  But remember, there are many classes going on-line at this time and there are kinks in the system.  

Extremely Important – As someone brought up today, next Tuesday, Sept 8th, is designated a Monday schedule, so there will not be a 255 class next Tuesday.  The Schedule of Classes that I sent out is wrong concerning class next Tuesday.

I hope Everyone has a safe and restful Labor Day weekend!


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