Class 3 – Nutrition and Health – Fall 2020 – Sept 10th – Chapter 2 of McGuire Text – On Zoom

In today’s class we will continue going through Chapter 2 of the McGuire Textbook. But before that, I want to go over what I consider the Foundations of Nutrition. Then after the Foundations, and Chapter 2 slides, I want to discuss an important topic that is not in the Textbook – the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994—commonly referred to as DSHEA.

Emails from Students:

Question: Hi Professor,  When will the post-lecture quizzes start? I have another class during you class time so I have to watch the videos at a later time each week.

When will the quizzes be starting?

How long will they be open for submission? Thank you!

Answer: Don’t worry about them yet – I will announce them when they are ready.  Have you been able to see the recorded lectures?

Question:   Hello, I was just wondering if there will be a descriptive study guide/chapter outline of what we are going to cover in the classes?  Thank You

Answer: Hi,  Thank you for your email.  I don’t have a descriptive study Guide/Chapter Outline for each class.  I sometimes have an outline in the first few slides of the PowerPoint Lecture.  I usually put an outline for each on the Blog Site.  I update the Schedule of classes as we go along. At this point you have the Schedule of Classes, the Blog site, the PowerPoint lectures, and the readings in the Textbook.  Adding one more thing would add another thing the students would have to check to follow along with the classes.  Then about a week before each exam, I give out a review sheet for the exam and it has what we covered.  Occasionally, I do not cover a topic and then it is not in the Review sheet.  In what form would a study Guide/Chapter Outline be that would be helpful to you?  I have been thinking about doing one, actually.

Sincerely,  Joe Dixon

Question: Hi Professor Dixon, My name is ­­­­­­­_____________, I am currently in your Nutrition and Health class and I am confused as to what material we need for the class this semester. Reading through your emails I noticed that we do not necessarily need the Nutritional science book. But we do need the Obesity Explosion book as well as the access code. Once I purchased the Obesity Explosion ebook with the access code from Kendallhunt, I was able to access the ebook but when logging in using the access code for the homework it said the class was not set up yet? Also, is there any other books/material that we need for this class?   Thank you,

Answer:   Hi,  Sorry to take so long to get back to you.  I am laughing because somewhere you got the impression that you do not need the “Nutritional science book.” I do recommend you get the McGuire textbook for background material that I can’t get to in the class. 

The site for the Obesity Explosion that you get access to with your code will be ready soon.  I will make a major announcement when it becomes available.  It was just finished last week and I just got access to it myself on the Friday before Labor Day.  I am proof reading the questions now!

There are no other books you will need for this class.  Thank you for your email!

Sincerely,  Joe Dixon

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