Monday Update for Nutrition and Health – Sept 14, 2020

Some Important Announcements:

  1.  I now emailing to the Class through Canvas

2.  If you cannot access Class Recordings through Canvas and Zoom, you must take care of this immediately.  You need to call the Office of Information Technologies and they will help you!  I will not answer any more emails asking how you can see the recordings on Canvass-Zoom!

3.  The first Lecture Quiz will be published at 2 pm today and it needs to be completed by Thursday at 5 pm.

Here are very recent emails from students:

Question:  Mr. Dixon,   I know it is a little late to be asking this, but I am unsure where to find assignments for this course on canvas. I also haven’t seen any homework aside from reading the lectures assigned to me. Can you please clarify this for me if you have been giving us homework? Additionally, I am not sure if you have given us any quizzes yet since I couldn’t find them on the canvas website. Can you help me out here as well? Thanks,

Answer: Mon 9/14/2020 12:57 PM    Hi, I will start the first Canvas quiz today. Did you get the email I just sent out from Canvas? I don’t see the email that I sent out, and this bothers me. All my other emails were sent out through Sakai, which we are not using this semester.  We have not had any assignments or quizzes yet. There are still students adding the course! Have you had any other problems?   Were you able to see the lectures?  Thanks for your emails! I understand completely how you can get a little frantic about this kind of class.   Sincerely, Joe Dixon

Question:  Professor Dixon,   I was just wondering where I could access the recorded lectures for Nutrition and Health.  Thanks,

Answer: Do you have access to the canvas site for the course?   You must be properly signed up through Rutgers Canvas Zoom. They require an official email account. Please call OIT if you can’t see the recorded lectures on the Canvas site. Just Google them for the telephone number.    Joe Dixon

I will not answer anymore emails asking, “How do we see the recorded lectures?”  I have addressed this question several times!

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