Class 4 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Jan 29th – Chapter 3 of McGuire Text – DSHEA and What is Energy?

In Class 4 we went over the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which I call the elephant in the Room! Much of nutrition and health is influenced by this law that was passed by Congress in 1994. DSHEA extended the term dietary supplement from known vitamins and minerals to include any kind of herb or diet reagent. DSHEA dictates that Manufacturers do not have to demonstrate their products safe. Conversely, the FDA has to prove products are unsafe. One outcome of this law is that Americans spend tens of billions of dollars each year on worthless supplements. Therefore, dangerous supplements, such as DiNitroPhenol (DNP), are still available through Internet purchase. We also started the first half of Chapter 3, which focuses on energy.

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