Class 5 – Nutrition and Health – Spring 2021 – Feb 2nd – Chapter 3 (2nd Half) of McGuire Text – Digestion; Start Chapter 4 – Carbohydrates

Question from a Student about Quizzes:

Question:  Hi Professor Dixons, I hope you are doing well. I am emailing in regards to the lecture quizzes (specifically the DRI quiz). I was looking at the syllabus; and in regards to lecture quizzes it says 12/14 need to be completed; and if we forget about 1 or 2 we would not be penalized (our grade would not be affected).  I know that the DRI quiz was just our first one and there is still plenty more to take, but I did not do as well as I should have because I misread a questions (always gotta watch out for those!) anyways, considering if you do miss 1 or 2 lecture quizzes (meaning technically you get a grade of 0 on it) and are not penalized for that; is it possible where if one takes 14 out of 14 quizzes, the 2 lowest scores get dropped? I’m really hoping this first one was my lowest score!

Answer:  This is a great question. Since the class is on-line and many people tend to fall behind on-line (miss a couple of lectures) and then catch up, the weekly Lecture Material Quizzes are set up so that you have to accumulate 60 points. There are about 14 quizzes at about 5 points each, so that if you take all the quizzes and get them all correct, you would get 14 x 5 = 70 points. But I also include points for polls taken, and some quizzes are 7 points each, so in reality the total number of possible points is even higher than 70 points. Therefore, if you try all the quizzes and do poorly on a few, you will still most likely accumulate more than 60 points. The Lecture Material Quizzes are for the purpose of keeping students current on the Lectures. Since I instituted these little silly quizzes, grades have increased significantly. So I think they are doing their job even though altogether they are worth only 10% of the total class points. At the end of the semester I tally all the quiz points and if you have accumulated 60 points, you get the full amount in that category.

We discussed the 3 Types of Quizzes Today:

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